About This Approach

Coquelicot Gilland's work through Body Dynamics draws from a comprehensive set of approaches and methods. The skills you will learn through this integrated approach provide support when confronting difficult circumstances, working through emotions, and exploring shadowy sides of self. You will develop curiosity, healthy maturity, self-possession and self-authority and a restored and deepened individual dignity, leading to a more creative, autonomous and fulfilling life.

About This Approach

Sessions are guided by the healing power of Spirit that presences through dialogue and touch. Listening through this "Third Force" awareness supports the refinement of soul substance.

Recurring elements in Coquelicot's approach include:

  • The Compassion Matrix™: A system of five meta-skills that facilitate fully embodied learning
  • The Bodynamic Developmental Model: Identifying interruptions in developmental stages, missing milestones, and themes related to specific phases of life, and building or rebuilding missing life skills
  • Sensing the Body: Specific learning environments that promote psychological and somatic (body-based) awareness and growth
  • Resting Into Not Knowing: Learning how to tolerate the unknown, as well as the sensations of un-clarity, anxiety, complexity, imperfection, shadow, and other "edge conditions"
  • Exploring the Biology of Meaning: Each muscle has a specific psychological function. Over- and under-expressed emotions lay down meaning in the tissues, shaping the physical body and our range of gestural expressions
  • "Growing up" into functional autonomy: Living life and coping with its challenges as an adult
  • Resolution of shock and trauma patterns held in the layers of the body, emotions, and mind
  • Precision restorative "clothes-on" touch work: Engagement with, and release of, chronic limiting stress and tension patterns embedded in our muscles, bones, tissues, and organs
  • Brain Gym® exercises and Reflex Integration work: Improve cognitive processing, physical functioning, and coordination

Coquelicot utilizes several methods to bring about desired changes, depending on client's needs including:

  • Life Transition Counseling
  • Somatic Learning Principles
  • Muscle Psychology
  • Restorative Yoga Coaching
  • Development Dance
  • Pastoral Counseling

These learning environments provide Coquelicot's clients with tools and skills to self-regulate leaving them more self-possessed with embodied levels of self-esteem and self-worth coupled with a humbled mind.

Biology of Meaning

Our emotions, expressed and unexpressed, lay down meaning in our tissues. As the reinforcing layers of meaning accumulate, the shapes of our bodies begin to reflect our over and under-expressed emotions and life skills. Our organs, digestive function, and immune system are similarly influenced. This phenomenon is succinctly expressed by Caroline Myss when she says: "Your biography is your biology."

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"The activity of 'trying to do something about it' is the avoidance of feeling."
- Satya'Ama Adyota

"One must first have a place before leaving it. One can abandon only what one has got. One can give up only what one has received. There is a radical opposition between 'being denied' a thing, and 'leaving' it. Being denied a thing means being prevented from having it before one has known what it is to have it, and so one has a longing for it which is all the greater for one's not having had it. More than anything else it is a piece of bad luck which one cannot do anything about. On the other hand, leaving a thing is a free act."
- Paul Tournier, A Place for You

"If thou couldst empty all thy self of self, like to a shell dishabited, then might He find thee on the ocean shelf, and say -- 'This is not dead,' -- and fill thee with Himself instead. But thou art all replete with very thou, and hast such shrewd activity, that, when He comes, He says -- 'This is enow unto itself -- 'Twere better let it be: it is so small and full, there is no room for me.'"
- Sir Thomas Browne

"Attitude is everything."
- Charles Swindell

""Your biology is your biography."
- Caroline Myss

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