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Coquelicot's work has evolved through her more than 20 years of experience of being a minister with the Association & Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP). To every session, Coquelicot brings her intuition and vast knowledge base. Then she gets out of the way to let something else arise; she makes room for a larger knowledge, and invites grace to enter. Coquelicot has a capacity for deep listening, listening beyond the limits of her personality and academic learning. By dropping and melting into something much larger than herself, she becomes simultaneously a student and a teacher, a facilitator and a catalyst. From there, she supports people to free themselves from the internal obstacles that block their innate ability to access this source directly.

Reflections on "Integrity"

- Eric N Best

For me, "integrity" for a long time meant consistency in what one spoke and what one did. The broken promise was the height of "not being in integrity". And while I still hold this as a valuable working level description of Integrity, a new level of understanding has come to me regarding the process leading up to Integrity. It involves the "Visible Integrity" we talk so much about in terms of whether or not someone is consistent in their actions, keeping their word as to what they will do or not, not breaking promises, constantly changing back and forth, etc.; all of this, as an outgrowth of the level of "Internal Integrity" within themselves. Here "Internal

Integrity" is much in the same sense of what we might use in describing the internal 'integrity' say of a sailing ship. For the sailing ship to be in total integrity (that is to do what it is supposed to do and sail well under various weather and sea conditions, respond well to the actions of its' sailors, etc.) not only must all of its parts and components be strong and sound, but they must be in place and aligned exactly as they need to be. Only then can the ship as a whole operate in its desired "integrity".

For me it is a valuable analogy to be considered for us as people. Our total integrity, that is our "Visible Integrity" can be achieved only if we have all of our various 'parts', elements, aspects and levels of consciousness inside of ourselves, operating in both a healthy and 'aligned/working together' condition. This integration of all of our internal parts and aspects gives us the "Internal Integrity" necessary to achieve the external, "Visible Integrity".

Holding this viewpoint, it becomes very easy to see and understand a depleted personal integrity resulting from either a "divide and conquer" or "A house divided shall not stand" philosophy being applied to myself (or anyone else). If one part of me is set against another part of me (for example: If I experience myself feeling/desiring something and yet at the same time I have taken in or have been given, a value system which intellectually says I "should" not feel or act this way), invariably my energies are divided. They may actually be working against each other and I am weakened. I may tend to vacillate between going this way or that way. My visible integrity is weakened.

On the other hand if all 'parts' of me (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) are in alignment, my Integity becomes enormous. There is no internal conflict. No vacillation. No hesitation. I move very easily and naturally with my self-realized, self-actualized intent. In these moments of complete internal alignment, I am virtually unstoppable in my integrity. Here "Integrity" becomes not a 'moral' value which is externally put upon me as a "should" to do this or to do that. Here, Integrity becomes a natural outgrowth of honoring that which is true and valid inside of me. And in terms of interpersonal relationships and certainly in terms of "Real" Community; the sharing of "Real" Integrity (each person honestly, completely, and easily living and communicating their own realized truth of "Who I really am!") among us, makes for the easiest, most successful and most Joyful relationships/community possible in the world!

My viewpoint again is that Real Integrity is not something morally imposed upon us, but rather a personal and natural outgrowth which occurs from honoring and aligning in the best way, all of our natural aspects and levels of consciousness within ourselves. The enemies to this in my experience are three:

Ignorance (or inexperience)


Guilt (usually coming out of someone else's false value system being imposed upon me).

Of these three, "Fear" is the central feature, the chief obstacle, the greatest enemy. Overcome fear and the road to Real Integrity shines brightly before us.

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Coquelicot teaches didactically, experientially and by example. She brings to each session a lifetime's worth of tools, exercises and practices that I use at home to further my own development. Her genius combines intuition, sensing and a comprehensive knowledge of human emotional and biological development. What I've learned from her has not only given me a deeper understanding of my own patterns, dynamics and behaviors, it's also enhanced my understanding of others. I am a far more compassionate person thanks Coquelicot. In fact to the degree that I am a more evolved being in any regard, Coquelicot was instrumental in my transformation.

-L. M. Artist and wellness ally

"Dear God:

Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life. Remove the have nots, the can nots and the do nots that I have in my mind. Erase the will nots,
may nots,
might nots that may find a home in my heart.
Release me from the could nots, would nots and should nots that obstruct my life.
And most of all,
Dear God,
I ask that you remove from my mind,
my heart and my life, all of the 'am nots' that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that I am not good enough. Amen."
- Author unknown, The Knots Prayer

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