Coquelicot Gilland

Coquelicot ("co-cle-co") Gilland is a Personal Coach and Life Skills Trainer, Bodynamic Analyst, Bodynamic Foundation and Skills Trainer, Somatic and Presencing Skills Trainer, Restorative Touchworker and Certified MassageTherapist, Yoga Mentor, Pastoral Counselor, and Minister with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP). She is the originator of the Compassion Matrix System. Her work has evolved through more than 30 years of experience and a deep commitment to personal and professional growth.

About Coquelicot Gilland

Coquelicot is warm, sensitive, intuitive and direct. Her presence is calming and has a settling effect on others. Her work simplifies complex problems and reframes how you will look at things. You will feel stronger and more confident, more compassionate, and learn skills that provide more opportunities for win-win solutions. You will feel more normal, less isolated and more skillful.

She is an advocate for personal growth, inner authority, and mutual connection, serving as both student and teacher. She acts as catalyst and facilitator for the development of inner strength and wholeness. She believes what most of us see as flaws, defects or problems in our character are simply skills we missed learning as children. She has an instinctive ability to listen deeply for what is unspoken, and focuses on co-creative exploration in an environment free of judgment and shame.

As a life-long student of the interrelationship between spiritual, psychological, and somatic development, she uses dialogue, inquiry, body sensing, movement, and precision restorative touch work. She encourages you to let go of old behaviors and body patterns, making room for more congruence Attending through these various "listening posts", she also facilitates the release of shock and trauma from the "habit body."

Coquelicot is the originator of The Compassion Matrix™, a personal synthesis of her over 25 years of somatic and psychological training. It is a meta-system for mastering embodied learning in any discipline.

Sessions with Coquelicot apply these and other approaches to collaboratively re-pattern, support, and guide those actively seeking a greater sense of freedom and wholeness. This enables each individual to make positive changes in their lives more effortlessly and authentically. Areas of mutual cooperative growth include: recovering from shock and trauma, reclaiming old and building new life skills, handling life transitions, supporting creativity and artistic expression, and building body awareness -- which in time will result in carrying yourself differently.

Coquelicot Gilland is not an MFT, MSW, psychologist, or psychiatrist. She is a personal coach, life skills trainer, restorative touch worker and a pastoral counselor. She holds her ministerial accreditation with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person, a nondenominational organization.

She offers personal sessions, professional supervision, public and professional trainings and educational events in Grass Valley/Nevada City and Berkeley, California, as well as globally through Skype, teleconferencing and tele-seminars.

She has been actively practicing in the field of spiritually based, body-oriented, life coaching/developmental counseling and restorative touch work for 25 years. Her training in somatic systems extends back more than 30 years, and includes:

Body-Oriented Psychology:

Bodynamics USA Foundation and Practitioner trainings - Anne and Joel Isaacs and Akash

Moaiku (shock-trauma and R.O.S.T. "Resource-Oriented Skills Training") - Merete Holm Brantbjerg

Zapchen Somatics (Tibetan Buddhist somatic therapy) - Julie Henderson, Ph.D.

Somatic Experiencing (S.E.) - Peter Levine, Ph.D.

Reichian work - Ed Jackson, beginning in the 1980s. (Reich's worked formed the basis for many modern somatic therapies, including Bodynamics.)


Somatic Experiencing bodywork - Kathy Kain, M.A.

Somatic Awareness work - Risa Kaparo, Ph.D.

Ortho-bionomy (Arthur Pauls system) - Kathy Kain, M.A.

Biodynamic Osteopathic Cranial-Sacral work - Kathy Kain, M.A., Risa Kaparo, Ph.D., Daniel Allen, D.O. (Jim Jealous lineage)

Jin Shin Do and Acupressure training - Michael Reed Gach Certified Massage Therapist - McKinnon Institute

Brain Function and Organization:

Brain Gym® and Developmental Reflex training Larhken Carroll, Pam Whitman, Betsy Steil, CeCe Koester

Sensory Integration and Developmental Reflex Repatterning work - Svetlana Musgutova, Ph.D.


Yoga Teacher Training (Vanda Scaravelli lineage) - Risa Kaparo, Ph.D.

Member of Birth and Early Parenting Educators with David Chamberlain

Enneagram - over 20 years experience (Naranjo tradition)

Dreamwork - Jeremy Taylor Minister and Pastoral Counselor- Certified by the Association for the since 1993

"Because I do not come to you as a 'knower' of what is right for you, we will discover meaning together. Learning and growing with me is a process of co-creative exploration with deep respect for different learning styles in an environment free of judgment and focused on kindness. Together we will learn to sense and interpret how your unique body/mind has made meaning of life's experiences. Most of what others see as flaws I see as developmental defenses that compensate for skills we did not learn as children. With mindfulness and patience you can learn these skills, and by doing so rewrite your body script."
- Coquelicot

"My intention is to help you discover how to rest in yourself so that you can enlarge your own ability to abide in a state of active surrender and deep listening."
- Coquelicot

Brain Gym® : ©2011 Brain Gym® International. Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International/Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Ventura, CA.

"With your compassionate sensitivity and perception, we accomplished a breakthrough in which virtually irresolvable traumas which had haunted me for fifty years were dissolved. We achieved a complete turn-around in my existence."
- R.V.S., Dutch businessman

"Coquelicot's amazing intuitive gifts in tracking and pointing out where I am holding old patterns of contraction in my body, coupled with extensive practical knowledge of human developmental stages, have brought many physical shifts and revelations, including new and unexpected compassion for the innocent and outdated strategies that my child-self developed for survival.
- U.F., artist

"Ms. Gilland's comprehensive approach has, I firmly believe, resulted in a significant increase in my well being. I consider Ms. Gilland to be an exceptionally gifted counselor and healer".
- M.L.D., PhD trainer of psychotherapists in California

" I enormously appreciate your integrity I benefit a lot from the importance you place on slowing down, or walking (experience) in small steps/increments, and on identifying the most subtle beginnings of experience, sensation, and emotional reaction."
- M.S., obstetrical nurse in San Francisco

Coquelicot is a calm and deeply grounded presence; my nervous system comes to rest simply by being in her energetic feild. I always feel more physically and emotionally resourced during and after our sessions.
- L.M artist and wellness ally

There is a story of the wise master in the Himalayas. A seeker comes to him asking "What is the secret to happiness?" The master replies, "Good choices." The seeker then asks, "How do you learn to make good choices?" "Experience", responds the master. The seeker persists, "How do you gain experience?" The master pauses a moment or two then responds, "Bad choices." "And the core of this practice" the master responds "is forgiveness." To forgive ourselves for the less artful choices that we make and to be willing to learn from our mis-takes. Getting back on the path again.

The minute I'm disappointed
I feel encouraged.
when I'm ruined
I'm healed.
When I'm quiet
and solid as the ground
Then I talk
the low tones of thunder
for everyone

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