Other Available Workshops

...listed are available classes that Coquelicot offers. She will organize a workshop in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area for anyone interested. Contact her to request one or a series of classes. Classes will be available online in the future through teleconferencing and tele-semimars. Future offerings in other locations will be announced as they become available.

Other Available Workshops

The following two to three day workshops are available, and can be adapted to suit the needs of your particular audience. Please email us at bodydynamics@rocketmail.com for more information.

Skill Building -- a series of trainings that include:

The Compassion Matrix - 5 Steps to Embodied Learning: A meta-system to deepen embodied learning through accessing body skills and body intelligence in any discipline.

Enhanced Learning Skills: working with concepts and embodiment of Personal Correctness and Inner Authority, Sailboat Mindfulness, Osprey Work, Presencing Skills, Less Is More, Sweet Spots, Tracking, 360° Sensing, Somatic Anchoring, and With versus On.

Psychology of Muscles: a series of trainings that include:

Body of Knowledge/Body Psychology : In the Bodynamics model each muscle has a corresponding psychological meaning and life skill function. Find, sense and practice the psychological and life skills inherent in the muscle and movement systems of your body.

The Biology of Meaning: Becoming a Living Inquiry -- how to create enlivening experiments that reveal the unique psychomotor meaning held within your biological biography.

Body Sensing and the Art of Interpreting Gesture : Living Our Language – how body knowledge held in gestures, carriage and mirror neurons/resonance fields supports communication beyond language -- discovering the profound subtleties of 'paralanguage' - (the 80% plus of all communication that is nonverbal).

Seeing Through Your Senses/Living Color : The embodied gesture of living color – how color idioms in language have physical/gestural and emotional expressions. How to embody Color as a way of resourcing for emotional and creative expression.

Music and Character Structure

Exploring music as a strong organizing force for influencing mood and building resources within individual character structures and life skills.

Personal Body Ecology - a series of trainings that include:

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others: For caregivers: a simple and profound way to manage your own energy and vitality as you interact with others. How resource oriented skills training (R.O.S.T.) can increase and stabilize your presence, energy and balance (while you assist others), decreasing burnout.

Coming to Our Senses: Recognizing the different kinds of aliveness and knowledge held within each of our six senses. Using our six senses to create and embody an intelligent reservoir of resources, so that our 'cup' is full and running over, enabling us to fill others 'cups' with the overflow, rather than emptying and abandoning ourselves in order to nurture others.

Instincts, Emotions, and Feelings; Emotional Fluency: Instincts arise and mobilize in the body like a flash of lightning, emotions flow from the heart and roll through the body like waves, and feelings arise from our brain -- differentiating, weighing, balancing, and making meaning. Instinctual responses are linked to our most basic reflexes -- whose job it is to respond like lightning during survival level circumstances -- when there is no time to think. Emotions are important resources for regulating ourselves socially within our group and deepening intimacy with both others and ourselves. Feelings are gradations and nuances of emotions or complex combinations of emotions, mixed with rational perspectives arising from how we make meaning/story. For healthy maturity, learning regulation and cooperation between these three levels is essential to meaningful and appropriate responses and interactions with others. Each level has its own morals and ethics differing fundamentally from each other. (Link to flyer)

Skin: Your First Boundary and Your First Container -- so you have something to fill up, fill in and fill out. (Link to flyer)

Boundaries: Good Boundaries Make For Good Relationships Yes doesn't mean yes until no really means no. (Prerequisite for attending: Boundaries, Centering, and Grounding in Love and Sexuality.)

Boundaries, Centering, and Grounding in Love and Sexuality: Life skills to support and maintain your inner authority and self-possession as you navigate romance and sexuality in relationship.

Grounding and Self-Assertion: 2-part class Somatic (body-based) skills that facilitate development of trust in yourself and the world around you -- acceptance and grounding of both uncomfortable as well as comfortable realities -- Allowing you to be more self-possessed while responding with presence and sensitivity to others.

Centering and Balance: 2 part class Being filled with yourself so that you can sense and act from a centered and self-possessed place. To be yourself at an essential level no matter what you "do" without questioning your self-worth and self-esteem. How you balance your own needs, feelings and desires against others' expectations, regulate the discomfort that can arise in these kinds of interactions, and develop the capacity to fine tune the level of privacy, openness and vulnerability you reveal to others.

The Drama Triangle and the Body Knot - a two-part class: The Body Knot is a Bodynamics communication model that tracks the underlying instinctual, emotional and rational influences that shape our largely unconscious communication styles and patterns. It breaks down our reactions (that form our inner and outer dialogue patterns) into steps so that we can track more deeply the unconscious belief systems that shape how we interpret what life brings us. Paired with the Drama Triangle where we explore Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer dynamics we develop awareness and tools that allow us to move from reaction to response, self-possession and over time inner mastery, even under high stress situations.

Whole Brain Body Integration Movement as foundational meaning : Movement skills to enhance brain organization, cooperation and comprehension. This facilitates a fuller sense and retention of life skills while anchoring them more deeply and fluidly in the body.

Touchwork Training: Teaching skills to release shock and trauma and resource confused, cranky or tired tissues -- from different levels of body structure(organs, bones and fluids et al.) by increasing your capacity to listen through your fingers, hands, skin, and intelligent touch -- including cultivating 'mirrored attention' using the same structures in your body (through self-sensing) as your guide. We will also cultivate precision in attention (direct and peripheral) and learn the various languages that different body structures speak.

I will not limit myself to a future formed day.

Learning and growing with Coquelicot's support is an ongoing master class in becoming fully conscious and fully alive. L.M. artist and wellness ally

"The body is our medium for being in relationship with our environment (a physical body for a physical environment, a dream body for a dream environment, and so on). But embodiment is relationship. As we mature, we shift from sensing our body as a solid something to sensing it as something far from static, something through which we are revealed and expressed, no matter in what state we may be.

When lost in thought, we have no body.

When attention is brought to thought, we have a body.

When attention is brought to sensation, we shift from having a body to being in a body.

When attention is brought to perception, we shift from being in a body to being present as a body.

When attention is brought to our overall presence, our innate wholeness of being, we shift from being present as a body to simply being, neither separate from nor identified with our body.

As we shift from having a body to being a body to simply Being, we find ourselves not just coming home, but sitting at the hearth. In consciously and responsibly embodying all that we are, we become increasingly intimate with all that is. We may still be a relatively solid somebody, but we're now no longer so much in our own way.

Spiritual bypassing will have lost its appeal for us. We will know right to our core that real freedom is not limited by its limitations. Disembodiment will cease to be an option.

The body electric, the body speaking its mind, the body as spirit, will -- if we allow it -- blast through our psychoemotional slumber, bringing us into a more integral wholeness until we clearly are in body what we are in spirit. "
-From Spiritual Bypassing -- When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters
by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD

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