Upcoming Trainings with Coquelicot

Upcoming Trainings with Coquelicot are opportunities for integrative exploration balanced between movement, body sensing activities and cognitive "content" components. The focus in our trainings is the relationship between the development of meaning and the development of movement, somatic learning principles, inner authority/self- sovereignty and mutual connection in a spirit of curiosity and inquiry.

Upcoming Trainings with Coquelicot

Skin: Feb. 11-13, 2011, Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA

Bodynamic Foundation Training: Fall 2011, Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA

Psychology of Muscles, Life Skills Training, and Embodied Learning:
Ongoing, one Sunday each month, Grass Valley/Nevada City, California at the historic Julia Morgan Northstar house.

Developmental Dance Party:

Ongoing, due to holidays and extenuating circumstances Developmental Dance parties may be held twice in one month instead of monthly Grass Valley/Nevada City, California at the historic Julia Morgan Northstar house.

  • Existence 7/29/2012
  • Need 9/2/2012
  • Autonomy 9/16/2012
  • Will 10/21/2012
  • Love/ Sexuality 12/2/2012
  • Opinion 12/16/2012
  • Solidarity/Performance *Date to be Determined

2 1/2 day training in Grass Valley/Nevada City California

Topic to be determined
September, 21st 22nd and 23rd, 2013
at the historic Julia Morgan Northstar house

2014 Trainings coming in the fall, to be announced.

"As human beings we love stories. We communicate with stories. We pass on our teachings with stories. Stories are up up shootdeeply valuable to us. But until we are willing to disengage from our stories, at least briefly, we are actually tyrannized by them up. That is the problem. If you are willing to dis-upidentify with your story for a minute, or an hour, or an afternoon, then there is the recognition that you exist without your story. That is freedom. You recognize yourself as the source of the story. You don't need your story to be better or different. Then stories are just phenomena that appear and disappear. They are part of the enjoyment of being a human being, a conscious life form." -Gangaji

It was different in ways he never could have imagined, as if the voice were something that could be seen. Certainly it could be felt, even where he stood in the very back of the room. It trembled inside the folds of his cassock, brushed against the skin of his cheeks. Never had he thought, never once, that such a woman existed, one who stood so close to God that God's own voice poured from her. How far she must have gone inside herself to call up that voice. It was as if the voice came from the center part of the earth and by the sheer effort and diligence of her will she had pulled it up through the dirt and rock and through the floorboards of the house, up into her feet where it pulled through her, reaching, lifting, warmed by her, and then out of the white lily of her throat and straight to God in heaven. It was a miracle and he wept for the gift of bearing witness.
-Excerpt from the book Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

"The body is our medium for being in relationship with our environment (a physical body for a physical environment, a dream body for a dream environment, and so on). But embodiment is relationship. As we mature, we shift from sensing our body as a solid something to sensing it as something far from static, something through which we are revealed and expressed, no matter in what state we may be.

When lost in thought, we have no body.

When attention is brought to thought, we have a body.

When attention is brought to sensation, we shift from having a body to being in a body.

When attention is brought to perception, we shift from being in a body to being present as a body.

When attention is brought to our overall presence, our innate wholeness of being, we shift from being present as a body to simply being, neither separate from nor identified with our body.

As we shift from having a body to being a body to simply Being, we find ourselves not just coming home, but sitting at the hearth. In consciously and responsibly embodying all that we are, we become increasingly intimate with all that is. We may still be a relatively solid somebody, but we're now no longer so much in our own way.

Spiritual bypassing will have lost its appeal for us. We will know right to our core that real freedom is not limited by its limitations. Disembodiment will cease to be an option.

The body electric, the body speaking its mind, the body as spirit, will -- if we allow it -- blast through our psychoemotional slumber, bringing us into a more integral wholeness until we clearly are in body what we are in spirit. "

-From Spiritual Bypassing -- When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters
by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD

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