Is This for Me?

Through learning to listen in new ways, you will increase your awareness and understanding of what your body knows and is telling you. Change begins in the first session. Through these new skills you will get your thoughts, emotions and reactions to work together, so the whole you is moving in the same direction... cooperating in your choices. You will work with missing stages of development and get the support you need to grow. You will learn ways to "Whisper" yourself down when you get anxious, restless, disoriented, angry or scared. You will learn to step away from "Drama" and normalize your experience so that you walk with more dignity, self-acceptance, empathy, compassion, reverence and self-possession.

Are you ready for this?

Through experience, Coquelicot has found the people best fit for this work are those who wish to deepen their embodiment of authenticity, impeccability, honesty, mindfulness and being present to the moment. In example:

  • Individuals and couples with an inner drive to change, purify, simplify, or sanctify their lives.
  • Those who have some awareness or curiosity about their own conditioning, and its limits.
  • Those wanting to reinvent themselves, their relationship with their bodies, and broaden their fluency in how the body speaks without words.
  • Those willing to work with spiritual defense patterns that keep them from fuller embodiment and attunement with Spirit.
  • Those exploring the relationship between intimacy and betrayal, turning toward fear and learning to rest in a state of active surrender.
  • Those willing to embrace shadow, and grow beyond it.
  • Those with an interest in cultivating greater self-compassion and kindness.
  • Those who need guidance through major life passages such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, accident, surgery, etc.

Have you cultivated these resources?

Do you:

  • Already have a sense of your own spiritual path?
  • Have a desire to feel more at ease in your own skin?
  • Want to safely feel more of your own innate power?
  • Want to develop more tools for self-soothing and emotional regulation?
  • Have some interpersonal skills?
  • Want to do the work to embody life skills such as grounding, balance, centering, sensing boundaries, and setting limits?
  • Want to explore the living labyrinth of body sensation, intelligence, and wisdom?
  • Have the ability or desire to tolerate and explore some discomfort, fear, and "not knowing" for the sake of your evolution?
  • Have one or more friends and an extended community?

"The whole creation must advance more and more towards the Divine, because it is its ultimate goal. But, "she continued," it is a peculiar movement, for one takes three steps forward and two backward; one takes two steps forward and one sideways!" The trajectory of evolution is not straight but spiral, "and in this spiral there are innumerable points, and at each point a progress in the vertical line is achieved. But one has to make a whole round in order to come back once more to the same point, but at a slightly higher level." Until one completes the round, the movements may seem retrograde. Perhaps, when the current round of the evolutionary spiral is complete, we will see that the overall movement has been upward. "
- From the article "The Mothers Evolutionary Vision" by Peter Heehs -
- from the magazine EnlightenNext

"The beauty of this situation is that it's completely beyond my own capacity to perform, and only in a perpetual giving fully of myself in every moment and surrendering all else to God is any of this possible. But in the very surrender of the moment there is no longer any concern for any outcome, no conclusion is sought, and therefore no loss is possible. Since there is no effort to win there can be no failure, and things find their completion without effort, magically as it were."
- Jim Estabrook

"Do you miss life's red flags because you are wearing rose-colored glasses?"

-Martin Webb, Planet Solar

"It is what it is, until it isn't."
-Byron Katie

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