Restorative Yoga Mentoring:

Having trained for over seven years in the Vanda Scaravelli approach to yoga, Coquelicot has refined her ability to track where energy and movement is flowing or not flowing through your body. Through her highly attuned awareness she will help you sense into and enliven your relationship to your body structures and your practice, helping you avoid injury and safely increase your movement range. Yoga should be an effortless practice of body unfoldment, joy and beauty.

Restorative Yoga Mentoring

In yoga, as in life, it is easy to mistake willpower for discipline. When we muscle our way into a posture some parts of our bodies overcompensate, leaving behind the given up parts of ourselves; it's not a whole movement, it's a compensated movement. This can lead to injury and distorted cooperation between muscle systems in the body. Coquelicot helps people embody the asanas more fully, by spending 10 to 20 minutes on each posture, slowly opening the spine into its full articulation. When all our limbs are awake and alive in concert with our spine, every posture works in cooperation with gravity and becomes light and effortless. From this place of openness, Coquelicot helps you negotiate shock and trauma patterns through the vehicle of your physical body.

Restorative Touchwork: I use touch to help you become more present in your body as you do the yoga postures. Through intelligent touch you will reestablish a healthy vibrancy, cooperation, pulsation and flexibility in your bones, tissues and organs….Changing your energetic embodiment so that you can loosen up stuck energy and vital life force. Your body will move more freely and radiate more grace and vitality.

Restorative Yoga Mentoring work is available in 50 minutes segments.

If you are coming for a one time only session for Restorative Yoga Mentoring, 50 minutes is $140. If you are committing to long-term work with Coquelicot, a 50 minute session is $125.

If you are interested in work and have financial concerns, please contact me to arrange for possible alternative terms.

‘There is no beauty without love and there is no love without beauty. What is beauty? Are love and beauty interconnected? Does beauty derive from love? Or does love derive from beauty? You will discover the amazing transformation in a person when she is loved, she blossoms, becoming more beautiful each day. When we love what we are doing there is beauty in it and even the more insignificant work becomes attractive. Love has no barriers, it is like a pool spring, pouring water endlessly. And it is perhaps this absence of limitation that gives wings to fly. Beauty is the absence of a definite determined action, the freedom from slavery to an already formed ideal that drives us in a particular direction eliminates all other possibilities to wander among the many adventurous, and sometimes dangerous, roads. Beauty gives also the pleasure to uncover and the luxury to lose.’
-Vanda Scaravelli

‘The beauty of yoga. It is the meeting of the brain with the body. When you are attentive, concentrated, when you feel what you are doing, there is energy. The binding of the two becomes energy. It is important to understand this. When they are together there is great energy, which gives the body freedom and makes the mind more supple.’
-Vanda Scaravelli

Elongation and extension can only occur when the pulling and the pushing comes to an end; this is the revolution.’
-Vanda Scaravelli

Movement is the song of the body.
-Vanda Scaravelli

In this choiceless never ending flow of life, there's an infinite array of choices. One alone brings happiness- to love what is
- Dorothy Hurt

Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, itis inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is accquiring understanding
-William Arthur Ward

Love says I am everything wisdom says, 'I am nothing' between these two, my life flows
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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